Seedling of Hope

There are estimated to be 220,000 HIV/AIDS sufferers in a country of 11.5 million, and relief workers say the scourge is worsening. To date, AIDS has claimed 80,000 lives, the death toll will likely reach 230,000 by 2010. By 2005 Cambodia will be home to an estimated 145,000 AIDS orphans who face few alternatives but to live on Phnom Penh's streets where the sex trade and human trafficking awaits. NGOs like Family Health International, one of the largest and most established nonprofit organizations active in international public health, makes home visits to women like Phhoung Rachany in nearby Kampang Chhang province. Phhoung, who was in terminal stages of her disease, died two days after this photo was taken, never knowing if the virus was passed to her newborn baby. (click the arrow at right to continue with the story)