Stung Meanchey

Sok Anh, a thirty three year old mother of two, has been working at Stung Meanchey for 2 years; her two sons Sopat and Kosal work beside her, collecting recyclable scraps which they sell to earn about $3 per day. Sok and her sons are the lucky ones, they are a family. Many of the children here are orphans who have lost parents to AIDS, landmines, drugs, prostitution or to the killing fields of the Pol Pot regime. With nowhere to turn and no social safety net they end up here. Even on the hottest days of the year, when temperatures climb above 100 degrees and the stifling air becomes nearly unbreathable, children as young as five can be seen sifting through the smoldering trash. They race after the garbage trucks that arrive with fresh loads of refuse and walk behind bulldozers that churn through the refuse. .