Lampisang suburb, Banda Aceh:

While photographing in an area which has now become known as "the wasteland" I heard a helicopter overhead; loud and now getting louder...I see that it's American chopper, it lands on the road about 200 yards behind me. I tell the driver to stop then jump out of the car and along with everyone in earshot, begin to sprint toward it. The helicopter almost lands on the eager crowd. As one soldier blocks access to the cabin, another behind him starts handing out boxes of MREs (military Meals Ready to Eat) and bags of rice...in about two minutes the chopper is empty and starts to lift off. On the ground, people begin opening MREs and look at me, confused. I try to explain that these strange packages are food. Finally they understand my sign-language and one after another, some close to tears; thank me, assuming that I am an American and must have had something to do with this "delivery".

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