Brother Vistal

Cite de Dieu, (City of God), lies downstream of central Port-au-Prince. A filthy river carrying the city's wastes and rainwater out to sea, flows through the impoverished settlement. Narrow mud paths strewn with feces and refuse make passage perilous on foot and impossible by car. Wastewater and sewage flow from beneath and even into some of the single-room shacks which are constructed of any available building material. Wrecked cars, salvaged auto parts, rotting food, wood stoves and broken appliances litter the unmarked streets and alleys. Brother Vistal's simple cement-block structure isn't impressive by American standards, but for the girls who call it "home", the building in this desperate area is clearly seen as an answer to a prayer, a sign of hope. About forty girls now live in the home; they feel like a family. (click the arrow at right to continue with the story)